A groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of construction on the newest version of the iconic Village Supper Club on Delavan Lake.

DELAVAN TOWNSHIP — A groundbreaking ceremony was held last Tuesday, May 16, 2023, to mark the start of construction on the newest version of the iconic Village Supper Club on Delavan Lake.

Situated on the eastern shore of beautiful Lake Delavan, the legacy of this supper club will live on under new owners, Loretta and Allan Kaplan. Their family-owned restaurant promises to offer a traditional and nostalgic supper club dining experience.

(Watch The Village Supper Club come to life through a live camera feed on CCI’s website: HERE)

“Our vision for The Village Supper Club is to honor the restaurant’s past while creating an updated, yet traditional family-friendly supper club experience,” Loretta Kaplan said in a news release from contractor CCI.

CCI and the build-team are constructing the new lakeside restaurant which offers stunning views of Lake Delavan and features a reimagined, modern take on the classic supper club. DMAC architects explained that the new, 8,400 square-foot, upscale restaurant design was inspired by the local culture, building materials, textures and lifestyle often embedded in supper clubs.

The new design draws on the nostalgia of the original club dating back to its opening in the 1900s with additions in the 50s, 70s and 80s. An asymmetric stone fireplace will be prominently featured at the entry for an unmistakable sense of arrival. Inside, an expansive A-frame roof structure was designed to hover over the main bar and dining areas to create a spacious interior with an all-glass façade, perfect for enjoying lakeside sunsets. With plentiful outdoor seating, the design embraces lake life where the dock will lead to a large deck that will welcome boaters and their families to dine in or carry out and relax at their leisure. The Kaplans hope that the new supper club will become a local favorite for families and foodies alike.

“I completely respect and applaud the fact that Loretta and Allan Kaplan are keeping The Village Supper Club legacy alive and part of the Delavan community,” said CCI project manager, Pete Woodkey. “Our team is excited and proud to help navigate the building process and transform their dream from to paper to reality.”

The Village Supper Club is set to open late this year.

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