LINN TOWNSHIP — Authorities say an Illinois man drowned Friday after being thrown from his paddleboard by a large wake.

The Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency said in a news release that they responded about 12:45 p.m. Friday to the area of pier #783 in the Town of Linn for a possible drowning.

Responding officers were advised an 81-year-old male victim later identified to be Peter K. Schauer of Chicago, Illinois had been pulled from the water and life saving efforts had commenced on shore.

An investigation was conducted which determined that the victim had departed pier #783 on a paddle board without wearing a personal floatation device. Witnesses reported Schauer had traveled approximately 100 yards east of the pier when the paddle board encountered a wake from a passing boat causing Schauer to fall into the water.

Within minutes of Schauer disappearing from the surface of the water people on shore went into Geneva Lake in an attempt to locate and rescue Schauer. They were able to locate him and brought him ashore, and determined he was unresponsive.

Once removed from the water, lifesaving efforts immediately commenced but were unsuccessful.

Responding agencies include but are not limited to Town of Linn Fire & Rescue, City of Lake Geneva Fire & Rescue, Mercy Healthcare MD1, Town of Linn Police, Walworth County Sheriff’s Office, and the Water Safety Patrol.

By Staff Report

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