walleye stocking Wisconsin DNR photo
Wisconsin DNR photo

WALWORTH COUNTY — The Wisconsin DNR fall walleye stocking is complete in Walworth County.

As a part of the Wisconsin Walleye Initiative and thanks to a partnership with tribal and private aquaculture hatcheries, more than 830,000 large fingerling walleyes, ranging from 6 to 8 inches, have been stocked in 151 waterbodies across the state.

This annual stocking is a part of a management effort to help boost natural populations and provide larger catchable fish for your angling pleasure, according to a news release.

Take a look to see if your favorite waterbodies received walleyes this year DOWNLOAD HERE.

In Walworth County, walleye were stocked in Geneva Lake, Whitewater Lake and the three Lauderdale lakes.

  • 108,103 Geneva Lake
  • 6,252 Whitewater Lake
  • 5,653, Green Lake of the Lauderdale Lakes chain
  • 5,326 Middle Lake of the Lauderdale Lakes chain
  • 4,955 Mill Lake of the Lauderdale Lakes chain
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