Romeo and his new family. Photo courtesy Lakeland Animal Shelter.

DELAVAN — After waiting nearly six years — 2,166 days to be exact — a dog at the Lakeland Animal Shelter had found a permanent home.

Romeo was taken home by a family that showed up a week ago and say they fell in love with him and wanted to have a sleepover.

“We were ecstatic to hear they wanted to finalize the adoption,” read a post on the Lakeland Animal Shelter Facebook page. “When they came in you could tell he had already bonded with them.”

The shelter said that Romeo was excited to see his shelter friends but kept checking back in with his new parents. Th

The post thanked staff who have spent so much time with Romeo, from daily walks, outings around Walworth County or playtime in the yard.

Romeo’s story was featured by CBS58 TV in Milwaukee in December of 2021. He was one of several dogs at Lakeland Animal Shelter in Delavan who “wrote letters” to Santa with their Christmas wishes. 

Part of his Christmas letter read:

“My Christmas wish remains the same, A true and forever family of my very own. I want it to be my last home and family, so I am willing to wait no matter how long it takes, but I secretly hope that it is not too much longer! I am almost eight years old but please don’t consider me what they call ‘a senior,’ no way!”


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By Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak launched Walworth County Community News in 2021. He is the former editor of The Week and Walworth County Sunday.