Delavan Lake, file photo courtesy Delavan Lake Improvement Association on Facebook.

TOWN OF DELAVAN — Walworth County Public Health has confirmed that the Delavan Township Community Park beach can safely re-open to the public effective July 11, 2022.

Why was the beach closed?

On June 29, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources confirmed the presence of blue-green algae in areas of Delavan Lake, including near Delavan Township Community Park beach.

As a result, the beach was closed as a precaution. Walworth County Public Health has continued to re-assess conditions to determine if the beach could be safely reopened.

On July 11, Public Health concluded that the water around the beach was again safe for public use, according to a news release.

What’s next?

Swimmers, boaters, and recreational users should continue to be aware of the condition of the water around them and avoid direct contact with water that looks like pea soup or smells foul, two indicators of the presence of blue-green algae. Children and pets are particularly susceptible to health problems related to blue-green algae and should be kept away from affected lake areas.


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